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Why Joining a Networking Group Is Essential for Small Businesses and Solopreneurs

Hello friends!

Let me tell you about something really cool that happened at the start of this incredible year. I invested in myself by joining a women only networking group and honestly, it’s been a game changer for my photography business. Women Business League was founded by two visionary moms from right here on the North Shore, started this group with one big goal in mind: to help women like me build our businesses and chase our dreams. And let me tell you, they have built something special.

In my previous career as a hairdresser and freelance hair and makeup artist, I never felt the need to join a networking group. Back then, my business grew primarily through word-of-mouth and repeat clients, aided by my lucky position at one of the most sought-after hair salons on bustling Newbury Street.. I thrived on personal connections made through day-to-day interactions, networking was not a familiar thing for me. Looking back, I realize that while this approach worked at the time, it also kept me within a certain bubble. I had a strong client base, but I lacked broader community ties and the opportunity to expand beyond my immediate circle.

Joining the Women’s Business League marked a significant shift in how I approach my career now. It opened up a world of possibilities that I had not accessed before, teaching me the value of stepping outside my comfort zone and actively engaging with a diverse group of professionals. This experience has not only expanded my business horizons but also enriched my personal growth, making me wonder about the opportunities I might have missed in my earlier days. I was provided with a template to showcase my membership.

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A Mix of Incredible Women

Women Business League gathers women from all sorts of fields— chapter members include entrepreneurs, finance advisors, videographers, magazine managers, interior designers, realtors, health advocates, marketers, digital marketing agency, business coaches, handyman services, massage therapist, home organizer, lawyers and unique mobile bar services.Each meeting is a chance to dive into a pool of diverse skills and stories. We share our highs and lows of our business. We also do ask for any help if we are in need. This mix isn’t just inspiring; it opens up all sorts of possibilities for cross-industry collaborations that can help your business grow. Members also have the opportunity to participate in online events.

  • Monthly Power Sessions

  • Quarterly Business Accelerators Workshops

  • Featured Presentations by Experts (including authors, coaches, business strategists, marketing specialists, and more)

Consistent Meetings and Real Connections

One thing I love about WBL is how we meet regularly. This creates real opportunities to expand what you know about other businesses and trends. Imagine getting to tap into the collective knowledge of a bunch of successful entrepreneurs and coming away with nuggets of wisdom that can help steer your business in the right direction. Plus, these gatherings are perfect for building your circle of influence and keeping your business sharp and focused.

A Commitment to Giving Back

WBL isn’t just about making better business owners; it's about making a better community. A portion of every single WBL membership goes directly to nonprofit organizations that improve the lives of women and children. There’s nothing more important than having a positive impact on your local community, and being part of WBL means you’re contributing to this every day.

Why It Matters

Joining a networking group did more than just expand my network. It brought me into a group of supportive, driven women who are all about lifting each other up. I’ve hosted headshot events, worked on personal branding shoots and honestly, I’ve grown so much not just professionally but personally. The investment in the membership? Worth every penny.

So, if you’re a solopreneur or small business owner wondering if a networking group is for you, I’d say go for it. Whether it's WBL or another group that fits your vibe, getting involved can open up a whole new world for your business.

For more information about WBL visit their website


Miriam Meza is a Boston North Shore -based photographer with over 10 years of experience specializing in headshots and branding photography. With a background in hairstyling and makeup artistry, Miriam combines her skills to help clients feel confident and look their best in front of the camera. She is passionate about helping small business owners and solopreneurs elevate their professional image through personalized photography services.

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