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5 Best Tips To Prepared For Your Wedding Hair Trial

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

During your wedding hair trial, you'll finally get a sneak peek at your bridal look! While the whole process is straightforward, it's not just a regular hair appointment. There are few things you should be doing to have a successful wedding hair trial that exceeds all your expectations.

1. Communicate your vision: Your hairstylist should have a clear sense of your style, and inspiration photos should be exchanged on the initial consultation and prior to the trial appointment. Showing inspirational photos (and photos of your actual hair) before the appointment will help determine if you can actually have the hairstyle -- or if you need to do something extra to have the style (a.k.a. buy clip-in hair extensions). Clip-in hair extensions are the tried-and-true Hollywood secret for adding not only length but also lots of volume to your hair in minutes. Buy them before your trial appointment.

2. Take time off: You're in the middle of wedding planning and you're busy with work. You decide to bring your laptop with you and work while getting your hair curled and teased. My advice is to take time off for your appointment and so you can enjoy the process as well as get to know your vendor. It's really important to take the opportunity to communicate and collaborate with your hairstylist during your trial.

3. Wear the right clothing: You want your wedding hair trial to give you the closest idea of what you're going to look like on the day. Make sure you wear the color of your wedding dress with a neckline similar to your gown. An updo or a half-down will look totally different if you come to your trial wearing a black t-shirt or a turtleneck top. On your trial appointment you can also wear your wedding jewelry and bring your veil or hair accessories.

4. Prep your hair: Do you have curly hair and looking for a smooth style? I recommend to blow dry your hair smooth. Please arrive with your hair clean and completely dry. If your hair seems like it's dirty enough that you would need to apply dry shampoo... wash it instead!

5. Give a feedback: Communication is critical, not just before your trial, but during it as well. Your artist wants you to look and feel your best, the more information about what you love/don't love, the better. Schedule your hair trial three months before the wedding, If you book it too early in the planning process, it could lead to second-guessing.

Lastly, set up expectations. Hairstylist often work with your inspirational photos and come out with something that works for you!

Miriam Meza is a hairstylist and makeup artist with over 15 years experience. She

specializes in bridal hair and makeup. If you want natural, elegant, and timeless style

for your wedding day, look no further. Miriam travels to your destination, providing

on-site services for brides around Boston and the North Shore area. For more

information, please email or


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