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Elevating Your Personal Brand with Professional Branding Photography (For Entrepreneurs and Creatives)

Updated: Feb 3

I wanted to share a story with you that I think a lot of small business owners and solopreneurs can relate to. It’s about one of last year clients, Ana, the owner of Alterations Design Studio Ana Penuelas in Marblehead, MA. She is incredibly talented at turning gowns into masterpieces, but when it came to personal branding and showing up on social media she was struggling.

Ana Penuelas Alterations
Ana Penuelas Alterations

When Ana and I first talked about personal branding ideas for her business, she really had no clue how to start. She found herself struggling to make an impact on her social media channels, largely because she didn’t have any professional photos that truly showcased her work or her brand.

I offer her a studio session, we did not use a lot of props since Ana’s aesthetic is beautifully minimalist, and she wanted this reflected in her branding. So, we decided that the photos should be created in a minimalist style, using her brand colors to be more cohesive.

And guess what? We nailed it! The photos from her session turned out fantastic. Now she has a collection of professional images to choose from for her social media profiles and more.

She has recently join the #sheslocal North Shore Board Members and I'm so proud of her being ready with an excellent headshot... bravo Ana! You can see some photos from her session – I’m super proud of how they turned out!

Seeing the transformation that these photos have brought to Ana's online presence has been incredibly rewarding. It's amazing how professional branding photography for entrepreneurs can completely change how a brand is perceived online.

If you are in need for a high-end seamstress or wedding gown alterations. Hire Ana!

And if you are in need of social media presence with professional images, let’s chat about how my personal brand studio session is right for you!. Reach out and let’s start this creative journey together.

Alterations Design Studio by Ana Peñuelas 51 Atlantic Ave, Marblehead, MA 01945 She is local conference for women Miriam Meza Photography


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