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How To Find Your Ideal Wedding Hair And Makeup Artist in Boston

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

You finally (or suddenly) got engaged! Choosing a hair and makeup artist to be part of your wedding day is just as important as finding a high-quality photographer or booking a venue. A professional will help you achieve the look you want and feel your best. But how can you find the right hair and makeup artist for you?

Ask for local referrals

If you’re unsure about how to find a skilled and reliable wedding hair and makeup artist in the

Boston area, start with who you already know. Ask your current hair salon if they offer wedding

services. If they don't they can probably recommend a few colleagues who do. Check their

portfolios and see if they match your style. Chances are you’ll find a hairstylist and makeup artist

you love. You can also ask your newly-wed friends or acquaintances. Create a list of referrals

and start at the top.

Experience matters

When selecting a wedding hair and makeup artist, it’s important that you hire someone who has experience working actual weddings. Look for a stylist who exclusively works with bridal parties and knows how the day runs. Hire someone who is a team player and can make sure that your timing aligns with the needs of your other vendors (like your photographer). This will help the morning of your wedding run smoothly. Your hair and makeup stylist should provide a detailed timeline that outlines everyone’s services.

Plan accordingly

Most bridal hair and makeup artists tend to book up about a year in advance — especially if you’re looking for someone in the Boston area or during popular wedding months (like summer or fall here in New England). It’s a good idea to begin your search at least one year to nine months before your wedding day. But don’t be discouraged if you’re having a last-minute wedding!

Factor in your budget and prioritize

An important factor in wedding decisions is budgeting and cost, of course. If you've curated a list of stylists whose work you love but have no way to narrow them down, circle back to your budget. Your wedding day is a moment where you deserve to look and feel your absolute best. It’s important to prioritize your hair and makeup and book your ideal vendors sooner rather than later.

Communicate your vision

This day is about you and it should be everything you’ve dreamed it would be — with as few disappointments as possible. If you are not in love with your hair or makeup, then don’t commit to it. Talk about it with your wedding stylist. Don’t hesitate to share your opinion and what you’re going for. A good stylist will listen and help you find the bridal look you have in mind.

I hope these tips on how to find your ideal wedding hair and makeup artist have been helpful! Are you interested in booking Miriam Meza Beauty for your big day?

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