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How do I book my wedding with Miriam Meza?

1.-Reach out and check my availability.

2.- Schedule a free consultation phone call. This is the perfect way to found out more about your wedding vibes.

3.-Fill up a contract with all the details, the location, time to be ready how many people will need


4.-Pay a $150 non-refundable deposit. And your wedding is booked! (Deposit goes towards your trial run)

5.Schedule your wedding preview.

6.- Get married! 

When should I book my wedding preview?

The sweet spot for a wedding preview is 3 months before the wedding, this is a perfect time since you already figure the dress, jewelry and accessories. I know sometimes brides don’t live locally and we have to do their trial a year before or just days before the wedding. That’s fine too. It is important for you to have your regular color services before the trial to ensure the look will be very similar to your wedding day. Lastly do not make any drastic hair changes after the trial. 

Where will we do my trial?

Trials are done at my home studio located in the North Shore area, and can only be accommodated on weekday. No Saturdays or Sundays. 
Can I do a trial before actually booking?

Unfortunately trials are reserve for brides who already booked their wedding date. I will suggest to book as soon as possible. I'm happy to offer a complimentary phone consultation. Please take the time to explore my work, look at my portfolio and read my reviews. 



Do I need to know how many people want their hair and makeup done?

When you are signing your contract, yes! Try to get your people to commit. I know its hard, especially with these things usually being booked out so far in advance. I would like to know the final number at least 3 months before the wedding so I can make proper arrangements.



 What time do we start and how long will it take to get ready?


I typically start between 8:00 and 9:00 am and spend 5-6 hours pampering you, depending on the size of the wedding party and the number of services. If you have an early wedding please check for availability. 

*Elopement Packages are 2.5 hours.*


How should my bridal party and I prepare and what do we need to bring?

Updo's: Hair needs to be clean and %100 dry. Hair that is free of product or hairspray.  Blowouts: Should come with clean, damp hair. Do not use any hair product. 

Makeup: A clean face, free of any mascara residue. Use a nourishing sheet mask the night before and drink lots of water. 

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